Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a science writer and rogue tour guide living the nerdy dream in New York.

For the past five years, I’ve written for museums, foundations, and media installations that tell fascinating stories about the world around us. From Space Shuttles, to the cultures of the Northwest Coast, to obscure Roman gods… at this point I know an awful lot about an awful lot, and I’m always gunning to learn more.

Now, I’ve joined the ranks of Museum Hack and get to spend some of my time each week bouncing around the American Museum of Natural History delivering high-energy, snark-filled tales of wonder, time travel, and fancy dinosaur knowledge. Who knew I could get paid to come up with so many terrible animal puns?

Hats (Glasses?) Worn

  • Exhibit Writer
  • Book Author
  • Media Script Writer
  • Narrative Developer
  • Overly Enthusiastic Storyteller
  • Image Researcher
  • Space Nerd
  • Contemplator of Prehistoric Life
  • Dispenser of Random Factoids
  • Maker of Multi Page, Color-Coded To-Do Lists
  • Scone Baker & Cheesecake Maker

Send me an email or find me on Instagram to learn more about what I do!